Light Therapy Ultrasonic Neck Wrinkle Eliminator



Unit size 88*57*113mm
Operating Voltage 3.3V-4.2V
Mode 1 (Blue LED) 6,200 times/min & working current:350mA & Power: ≤0.15W
Mode 2 (Green LED) 9,500 times/min & working current:550mA & Power: ≤2.3W
Mode 3 (Red LED) 12,500 times/min & working current:560mA & Power: ≤2.4W
Operating    Current <60mAh
Material ABS
N.W. 67g
Battery USB rechargeable



Powerful, ergonomic neck anti-aging repair technology based on
  • Intelligent Micro vibration
  • Cooling / Warming Therapy
  • Photonic LEDLight
Three sonic modes with and without heat
  • Low Speed (Blue Light) –Vibrating sonic speed 6,200 times/minute
  • Medium Speed (Green Light) – Vibrating sonic speed 9,500 times/minute with heat therapy in 113˚F (45 ˚C)
  • High Speed (Red Light) – Vibrating sonic speed 12,500 times/minute with heat therapy in 113˚F (45 ˚C)
Suitable for
  • Neck
  • Face
Beauty Concerns
  • Neck wrinkles
  • Sagging skin



Blue, Green and Red photonic LED light for increased collagen production, improved blood circulation, calming of skin inflammation and firmer, younger looking neck skin


Ion conducting offers micro galvanic stimulation to skin which activates cells and can help the skin to better absorb your skin care products thus increasing their effectiveness


Ultrasonic treatment can detoxify lymph system, improve blood circulation, and deeply massage skin for revitalization


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