Advanced Beauty Technologies Corp specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative aesthetic devices using cutting edge international research in skincare science. We combine innovation with cost effectiveness to create medical spa quality, safe, home-use beauty devices with affordable prices.

Our mission is to markedly improve, if not completely solve, common skin problems using the latest in international scientific research and to replicate medical spa results in the comfort of your home.

We offer research based, modern technology based solutions for the treatment of common beauty concerns such as chronic acne, dull and uneven skin tone, sagging skin, under eye circles, neck wrinkles, and calloused feet.As an important added step in a beauty care regimen, the Beauty Techie enhances the effectiveness of your preferred skincare creams resulting in a markedly improved skin complexion


We aspire to be the World’s Most Innovative Beauty Device Company

Advanced Beauty Technologies combines the latest research in skincare with medical device technology to develop high performance home use beauty instruments sinkin puute miehillä


  • Safety
  • Cutting Research in the Science of Skin care
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Premier Quality


With product quality and safety being our absolute top priority, we conduct extensive product testing to ascertain the quality of our devices for home personal use.